Opening Ceremony for Phase II Junior Operator On-The-Job Trainees

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Opening Ceremony for Phase II Junior Operator On-The-Job Trainees

Wednesday, 06 November 2013

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On October 28th, Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited – MWMCL, held the Opening Ceremony for its Phase II of Junior Operator On-The-Job Trainees.

Head of Ministry of Forestry, Resources and Mine U Than Htike, MWMCL Secretary of Party Committee, Mr Luo Daqing and MEHL senior representative U Hla Sein attended and addressed the ceremony.

MWMCL Phase II of the Junior Operator On-The-Job Training Program recruited 236 college students who come from the nearby 33 project-affected villages and who have successfully passed the written test and interview process for this program.

The program includes technical skills and operation training for specific positions related to conveyors, water pond maintenance, water pumps, solvent extraction and electro-winning, heap leaching, facility maintenance, etc. The program also provides office occupation training for female college students, creating job opportunities for local female students. The training was officially launched on October 29th, and the trainees are estimated to fill up their positions by the end of March, 2014.

The On-The-Job Training Program has nurtured many localized technical personnel for MWMCL and largely promoted development of the local mining industry and relevant sectors by creating job opportunities and bringing in advanced mining technology.

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