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Myanmar Wanbao Requests the Immediate Release of its Contractors who have been Kidnaped by Activists from the Student Network of Mandalay

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Myanmar Wanbao confirms that at 11am on the 18th of May, 3 of our contractors working for Norbenco , Mr. Lu Yuanhao and Mr. Miu Jie, both Chinese nationals and 23 years of age, and , Mr Khin Aung Moe, a 21 year old Myanmar National, were taken against their will by activists purporting to belong to the “Yangon Public service Network” and two monks from old Sede village.
The Norbenco team of 3 were going about their work of surveying the land in the Southern area of our mining project, to the northeast of Sede Old Village, when they were jumped upon by the activists and taken against their will.
Wanbao learned from local government officials who went to negotiate with the activist that they belong to the “Yangon Public service Network”. The activist provided the following conditions in order to release our colleagues.
At 4pm they demanded the following 3 conditions;

1. The immediate release of an activist by the name of Aung Soe, who was arrested earlier in the same morning of the 18th May by Myanmar police. They said that Aung Soe should be “swapped” for our colleagues.


2. To take down all existing fencing work.


3. To stop erecting fencing on land whose owners have rejected to take land subsidy from the government.


Later the kidnappers called again and dropped their request for their activist friend Aung Soe to be released as a condition for the freeing of our colleagues and replaced this with the total halting of the Letpadaung project.


At 6.20 pm one of our colleagues, Mr. Khin Aung Moe was released. However, our other two colleagues are still being detained against their will.

At 8:20pm and 10:45pm, the activists called and said that if police come to rescue our colleagues, they will hurt them.

At 11:30pm, the activists called and said if any Sede villager injured, they would kill one of our colleagues.


Wanbao vehemently condemns this unprovoked attack on our colleagues.
Wanbao requests the immediate release of its contractors who have been kidnapped by individuals claiming to be from Yangon Public service Network.
Wanbao cares greatly for the people of Myanmar and we very much hope that this issue can be resolved peacefully as soon as possible so that our colleagues can return to their families. We ask the Student Network of Mandalay to intervene to release our colleagues, if the kidnappers are indeed who they say they are. Wanbao bears no ill will towards your organisation and we respect your right to express your opinions peacefully.
At this time, Wanbao is in contact with all appropriate parties as well as the families of the colleagues and is doing everything possible to release our colleagues.
Wanbao would like to take this opportunity to thank all the villagers from the many villages and village elders who have contacted us and offered their help to release our colleagues. At the difficult time we are heartened by the community support we are getting. We understand that it is only a small number of extremists and activists who are opposing our project.

For more information please contact Mr. Cao Desheng on +959259012318

(The Paungga Dam Project)

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MYTCL & MEHL သဘာ၀ပတ္၀န္းက်င္ႏွင္႕ လူ႕အဖြဲ႕အစည္းဆုိင္ရာကူညီမႈစီမံကိန္း
စည္းလုံးဖြဲ႕စည္းထားေသာ လူ႕အဖြဲ႕အစည္းဆုိင္ရာကူညီမႈစီမံကိန္း(၂၀၁၄)
MYTCL and MEHL Environment & Social Assistance project
Welcome to our corporate social assistance project 2014
(The Paungga Dam Project)


Letpadaung Investigation Commission

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Company’s Release upon the Impact of Inquiry Commission

Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited (MWMCL) welcome the verdict/decision of the final report for Letpadaung Mine Project by the offical  Investigation Commission.
In the meanwhile, the company would like to reiterate that Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited cares for the sustainability and future of the community within, which it is situated as much as it cares for fulfilling its contractual obligations.

We are here to listen to the needs of our community and our wider stakeholders’ and we will communicate with them at every step of the way. We are committed for protecting the environment to the best international practices. We are also committed to the improving of the lives of the families, children and our wider community. We will help and listen to the needs of the local community in improving their quality of life.

MWMCL will continue contributing to the sustainable development of our local community and the Union of Myanmar as a whole.


Managing Director(for) Mr.Dong Yun Fei Admin Manager
Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited.

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the Final Report Myanmar Language

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the Final Report Chinese Language

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Interviewing Mr Geng Yi – Managing Director of MWMCL

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Interviewing Mr Geng Yi – Managing Director of MWMCL

Media Releases

Interview with Mr.Geng Yi, Managing Director of MWMCL

“Mr Geng Yi, let’s begin our interview by discussing the report of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi that led to the creation of the IC (Investigation Commission). According to the IC report’s conclusion, the IC has determined that everything is above board with the details of the Project and that it will in fact benefit the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, as well as profit your company, the Project’s foreign investor. However, the most profound and perhaps only deficiency that the report uncovered was a lack of mutual transparency.

Before the most recent adjustments to the contract, the IC determined that there was little to no transparency on what the investors are doing, as well as on what the joint-venture MEHL (Myanma Economic Holding Ltd.) is doing. People were not aware of the internal activities, and the public in general was not included in any open dialogue. A most relevant question the people would like to have answered is this; how will you prepare and start to work to run your Project to attend to this transparency situation?”

Edited by Editor MYTCL

Interview With Mr.GengYi

Myanmar Wanbao: Hand in Hand into the Future Letpadaung Copper Mine

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Myanmar Wanbao: Hand in Hand into the Future Letpadaung Copper Mine

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Press Release

On July 24th 2013, the Ministry of Mines of Myanmar, represented by Mining Enterprise No.1 (ME1) signed the Amendment to the Production Sharing Contract for the Letpaduang Copper Mine with Myanma Economic Holding Ltd(MEHL) and Wanbao Mining Ltd. The ceremony took place at Nay Pyi Taw.The Amendment provides the government of Myanmar with 51 % of the benefit, whilst MEHL and Wanbao retain 49 %.
The Amendment includes a legally binding clause of 2 % of net profits going towards corporate social responsibility with a focus on our immediate communities. The contract also safeguards environmental stewardship with Wanbao paying USD 2 million per annum throughout the commercial production period of the project into a dedicated account, to ensure international standards of environmental protection. Our caring environmental strategy requires we start planning from now for that time in the future when the mine at Letpadaung is eventually closed.

We are very pleased to have agreed this Amendment with the Myanmar Government, and the Myanmar people. We are eager to begin work on the mine to contribute to the future of the people of Myanmar.

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Myanmar_Wabmbao Hand in Hand into Future ( In English ) 


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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

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The draft of the ESIA has been completed and is prepared to be shared with the local communities and stakeholders. It will be reviewed and updated as a part of the integrated process of developing an ESIA that meets international standards.
The Scoping Study and the Terms of Reference were previously submitted to the Implementation Committee (IC) in April of 2013. From these the ESIA was drafted, conforming to the International Finance Corporation (IFC) standards.


The development of this report commenced in June, 2012 and the draft submitted to the Environmental Conservation Department on the 23rd of November 2013.

The ESIA draft will go through final stages of review and revision to adhere to Myanmar legal Law and Rules and Regulations of the Environmental Conservation Department as required. The completed revisions will then be submitted for acceptance to the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry (MOECAF).

pdf iconEISA Report

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Villagers Welcome MWMCL Electricity Project

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Monday, 27 January 2014

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Villagers in Kyau Phyu Taing of Salingy Township in Sagaing Division have concluded their history of the lightless night thanks to an electricity installation project that Myanmar Wanbao donated to the village.
A ceremony for the completion of the 52.2-million-Kyats electricity project was held on December 3, 2013 to celebrate the historic moment together with the celebrations for library donation and school building by the company. Around 1000 villagers will benefit from the projects.

Mr Geng Yi, Managing Director of Myanmar Wanbao, attended the ceremony and shared the joyous moment with the villagers and the Government officials led by Mr U Hla Tun, the chairman of the Implementation Committee of the Lepataung Copper Mine Investigation Commission.

A woman in her 40’s who was shy to disclose her name said: “I don’t know how to describe my feeling. Anyway, I’m very happy about the projects.” Speaking of the school building and library donations, she added the illiteracy rate is high in the village and the projects will help children improve their education.
The Kyau Phyu Taing villagers are only small portions of the beneficiaries of the Community and Social Development (CSD) projects that Myanmar Wanbao has donated for the mine-impacted area. By the end of November, the company has invested more than 1 billion Kyats for 30-plus CSD projects in road repairing, school building, water supply system renovation, electricity facility installation, hospital construction and medical care for 33 project-impacted villages in the region to actively fulfill its corporate social responsibility.
“Myanmar Wanbao cares about people here,” said Mr Geng Yi. “We are happy to see local communities benefit from the development of the Letpataung Project and at the same time, we aim to have a harmonious relationship with the communities.”