Environmental Management


At Myanmar Wanbao, we ACKNOWLEDGE  that mining may be a destructive industry if care and proper planning is not taken. Demonstrating Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited and Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited’s ethical consideration for the environment are our global environmental management strategies as set by our Mother Company, WANBAO MINING LIMITED. As an industry leader in a challenging profession, we recognise the need for social responsibility and bringing stewardship to the preservation of our environment. We are constantly working with our global partners, contractors and suppliers to find sustainable solutions to our projects while proactively protecting the world around us. 
Myanmar Wanbao’s primary environmental goal is the prevention of environmental contamination and the rehabilitation of our production footprint. We strive to develop techniques and utilize products and equipment that:
  • have no environmental impact,
  • meet or exceed International Standards,
  • are efficient in their consumption of energy, and
  • can be recycled, reused or disposed of safely.

Our efforts to create a sustainable future take precedence in our three major objectives:

  1. To reduce the potential environmental impact of operations under our control including prevention of environmental contamination;
  2. To comply with applicable legislation and to surpass relevant industry standards; and
  3. To conserve, rehabilitate and protect natural resources while reducing waste and emissions.

We ensure our projects conform to these objectives through our internal policies and procedures, as well as with International training, programs and assessments. Our success is measured through the establishment of regimented and scientific objectives with a constant review of the progress made towards achieving them.

Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited

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